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Vibrational Healing No.4 Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz - the Mystical Earth Crystal!

Smoky Quartz is a translucent crystal in varying shades of light brown, yellow-brown and red-brown; very dark or opaque versions are likely synthetically produced and should be avoided. The earthy colour, like that of our soils and trees, brings a connection to the natural world. Smoky quartz feels like a reliable tree-friend or an old soul which holds a grounding and mysterious wisdom.

The alchemist of Queen Elizabeth I, John Dee, said that smoky quartz was brought to him by the angel Uriel, that it held the mysteries of the universe and it was a way to communicate with spirits; the stone is held in the British Museum today. Sacred to the Druids and Celts, smoky quartz was known as Cairngorm, from the mountains where it was mined and considered a stone of power; during Samhain, (the eve marking the end of the harvest and the beginning of Winter) it was thought that spirits could easily enter our world and was used in rituals. The Cherokee Indians used this crystal in shamanic rituals; revered by shamans it was thought to help the spirit of a person travel to the afterlife.

Like Amethyst, the brown colour of smoky quartz is due to impurities, in this case, aluminium. Being a quartz it holds transforming energies but rather than the ‘heady’ or ‘higher-self’ energies of amethyst we work at our lowest chakra at the base of our spine. Smoky quartz resonates with our root chakra which is our connection to the Earth, therefore smoky quartz holds the energies of wisdom, survival, strength, security and stability.

Read below for 12 super and easy ways to use smoky quartz:

  • Smoky quartz makes a lovely present for those that have concern for the environment. Ideal for the ecological activists and nature lovers as it connects ones spirit to the earth and inspires ecological solutions!

  • A super crystal for blocking electromagnetic energy. Place a geode in an area where you have lots of electrical items, especially if you suffer from electrical sensitivity.

  • Hold two smoky quartz points facing outwards to relieve periods of stress and anxiety or during a panic attack; consciously imagine your problems travelling down the points and being released to the earth for cleansing.

  • For those who like to scry and fancy being a John Dee, smoky quartz is perfect. Hold the scrying crystal over candle light and with a quiet mind see if you get any thoughts about past worlds or past life travel!

  • Placing a piece of smoky quartz next to your front door is said to bring in uplifting energy and balance into the home, as well as protection; in this case a smoky quartz point works best.

  • Place a piece of smoky quartz into your drinking water for around one hour to imbue the water with the uplifting and grounding properties. You can also water your plants as they love the earthy vibrations.

  • If you struggle to meditate because you have a fast mind, smoky quartz is great for clearing the mind before you do a grounding mediation, we have included an example below.

  • Smoky quartz makes lovely jewellery, especially as a long-chain necklace which covers the solar plexus to protect you from the negative emotions of others. Smoky quartz anklets bracelet on your right hand ground energies into the earth.

  • Why not carry a piece of smoky quartz in your pocket to keep you grounded. Mentally, it teaches us what we need to leave behind and helps to remove stagnancy.

  • You can place a smoky quartz on the body to soothe pain and tension. Feel the stone and its healing properties infusing your body with a healing white or pink light and ask for your pain to be eased. Smoky quartz is said to also benefit the legs, hips, joints and bones.

  • Smoky quartz would love a trip to the woodland with you and perhaps even a quick dip in a lovely clean stream. It makes a super Earthing stone - hold the crystal and walk bare foot while meditating on the nature around you for a grounding experience.

  • Placing a smoky quartz at the bottom of the bed can help to keep your energies grounded during sleep and reduce nightmares.

Being ‘grounded’ pretty much makes the difference between a good and bad day. As an apprentice I was made to do this meditation exercise each week for many years; I include a simplified version here so you can guide yourself:

“ You find yourself in a forest, the weather is just right for you. You notice the forest elementals and feel perfectly safe. There is a path straight ahead and you follow the path. You can see a big tree in front of you. You enter the tree in your own magical way. Once inside your feet join to the roots of the tree and they pull you down, down and down to the centre of the earth. Imagine wrapping your feet around a large crystal, the colour and choice is yours. Breathe in and bring your energy up to the base of the spine and imagine a two petalled flower opening and spinning. In the next breath go down to the roots and come up to your heart chakra, imagine it opening into a pink flower. Again, go down to the roots and come up to your crown chakra, imagine it opening into a lilac lotus”. Remain in this aligned state for a few minutes. At the end mentally close your crown and heart but leave your base chakra open.

Why not visit BeLeafers! and share your experiences and let us know how you got on, we would love to hear from you.

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