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Vibrational Healing No.9 Amazonite

Amazonite - Egyptian Skies and Seas

Amazonite ranges in colour from turquoise and green through to pale blues and whites; the sea-like colour was thought to be due to copper however, recent studies suggest it is due to small quantities of lead and water (around 1.2%). The black colours that are sometimes found in Amazonite are from a collection of Rare Earth Elements, of around 75 different types.

In Greek Mythology, the Amazonians were a nation of women warriors who placed Amazonite in their shields to give them courage. While there is disagreement over the historical existence of the Amazons as a people it is likely that the stone was named after the river; whilst Amazonite is found it Brazil there are no deposits by the river and this was likely an incorrect naming with larger deposits are found in Russia, Libya, Colorado and Madagascar.

Despite the name, Amazonite has a rather royal Egyptian past; the most commonly used gemstones in Dynastic Egypt were carnelian and Amazonite (as well as amethyst, red jasper, lapis lazuli, and turquoise). The green coloured crystals signified rebirth in the afterlife, fertility, joy, and vegetation. The Egyptians carved amulets out of Amazonite as a symbol of good luck and fertility. In the Egyptian Book of the Dead, Chapter 7 - The Judgment of Osiris, was carved on tablets of amazonite. Funerary amulets prescribed in the Book of the Dead sometimes called for specific stones and colours. Amazonite was required for a ‘papyrus scepter’; a magical talisman that was placed around the neck on the day of the funeral. Amazonite objects such as jewellery and beads were found in King Tutankhamen’s tomb; it is also thought to be one of the stones on his famous gold mask.

12 Ways to Use Amazonite:

  • Amazonite is sometimes referred to as a hope stone as it holds the soothing colours of the Spring sky. It is a nice stone to hold when you need comfort or are feeling lost.

  • Amazonite is associated with water energy which corresponds to the North area of the home. Place a piece of Amazonite in the North area of the home to bring strength, hope and help one to realise their potential. Or, it can be used to purify the North area of the house should it hold stagnant energy.

  • Wear Amazonite as a necklace over the heart chakra to absorb negative energy and bring optimism, helping you to see the beauty in life and reduce stress.

  • Place Amazonite near electrical items such as computers or telephones to reduce electromagnetic stress which can drain energy.

  • Meditate with Amazonite to find the truth in a situation that is bothering you as it brings awareness to the conscious mind and brings universal love.

  • Placed on the Third-Eye chakra Amazonite can bring visions and intuition to the surface helping you to attune to spirit guides which can help you to manifest and remain in pure energy.

  • When worn around the Throat chakra Amazonite can help one to speak their truth and stand up for themselves, freely expressing their emotions and beliefs.

  • Carry Amazonite with you if you have a busy mind or hold lots of worry and fear; it is said to increase self-esteem and help one to develop boundaries and self-discipline.

  • Place a piece of Amazonite next to the bed or under the pillow to resolve personal inner conflict through dreamtime.

  • Amazonite makes a lovely present for those that are needing emotional support and it has also been credited with making relationships happier!

  • Place a piece of Amazonite on your desk at work to dispel negative energy and stop others taking advantage. As the colour is one of prosperity it can help attract new customers, business and opportunity.

  • Folk lore uses Amazonite in a lucky charm spell - combine three Amazonite stones with basil and mint in a small bag, set your intention for luck in a particular manner. Leave it bag safety in front of a turquoise coloured candle and allow it to burn down and see what awaits!

Amazonite has a relatively strong hardness however it is prone to fractures and can be damaged with significant wear and tear, hence, Amazonite works best in earrings or a necklace rather than a bracelet or ring, for example. Sunlight can sometimes enrich genuine Amazonite however, I don’t leave it out in full sun. You can wash Amazonite in water but do not leave to soak; it is also not suitable to use a gem water given the addition of lead.

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