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Vibrational Healing No.7 Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is a ubiquitous gemstone with gold and brown banded, shimmery layers. A form of quartz it is also found in red and blue varieties, Dragon’s Eye and Hawk’s Eye, respectively. Tiger’s Eye can often form with Hematite and is known as Tiger’s Iron.

Tiger’s Eye is an ancient stone often referred to as the ‘all seeing eye’. It was used in Egyptian times for the eyes of carved statues; believed to bring the protection of both the Earth (Geb) and the Sun (Ra). The stripes of the Tiger held courage, integrity and power and because of this Tiger’s Eye was taken by Roman soldiers during battle to bring prosperity and good fortune. In the late 19th century Tiger’s Eye was as valuable as gold but a discovery of large deposits in South Africa quickly reduced its value.

The passage of time however, has transformed more than just the gem’s price.For over 100 years it has been taught that Tiger’s Eye is a pseudomorph; where one mineral is replaced by another but retains the structure of the original mineral (something similar to petrified wood, where the material of the tree is replaced by minerals but the tree shape and markings remain). The shimmery layers produce a chatoyant effect. Chatoyancy occurs when light reflects minute fibres within a transparent material. In the case of Tiger’s Eye, this is due to Crocidolite or Blue Asbestos. It was thought that the Crocidolite was replaced by fibrous quartz crystals (known as Chalcedony), while retaining the structure of the asbestos with the rusting of iron producing a golden colour. Dr. F. Wibel’s theory in 1873 has been left unchallenged until recent times.

Pennsylvanian Mineralogists, Peter Heaney and Donald Fisher instead proposed a ‘crack and seal’ formation, rather than the classic pseudomorph. In a crack and seal formation quartz veins would have cracked due to tectonic stresses. Water containing the minerals necessary to make both quartz and crocidolite would seep into the crack. The crocidolite fibers would then grow in the surrounding rock with the quartz columns wrapping up the fibres. This process is thought to happen time and time again, forming the shimmery lines. The Crocidolite would weather and the oxidised iron would form the familiar shades of brown and gold. In the case of Hawk’s Eye and Dragon’s Eye the remaining iron oxides would produce a red colour, while remaining crocidolite would produce Hawk’s Eye. The variable chatoyancy effect is an amazing record of the structural path during tectonic events, with this stone holding strong Earth energy. Amazing!

How to Use Tiger’s Eye

A grounding and inspiring crystal. It can help restore the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras - holding both the sun and earth elements.

  • Place a piece of Tiger’s Eye in the southern corner of your room, house, or office. This promotes action, love, warmth, enthusiasm and compassion. Tiger’s Eye will bring more passion and emotion, solidify relationships, and seal friendships when placed in the bedroom or living area.

  • I often use Tiger’s Eye to aid the healing of sore muscles, joints and bones; simply place on the sore area and concentrate on breathing in and out with awareness. Alternatively, you could wear a Tiger’s Eye bracelet or anklet.

  • Hold a piece of Tiger’s Eye and repeat ‘I am powerful, I am successful, I am wealthy, in grace and ease’ to create a positive mindset.

  • Tiger’s eye was revered for the chatoyant, forest-light-like layers. Meditating with Tiger’s Eye can bring stability and awareness. It teaches balance between the extremes - right and wrong, good and bad, dark and light and allows us to reflect on the duality and unity within.

  • Take a forest walk with a piece of Tiger’s Eye to transform your perspective. What challenge are you being given? What opportunity does this challenge present and how will you step into your power?

  • Wear a piece of Tiger’s Eye around the heart chakra to keep obstacles out of your way. Or if you are stressed in a controlling relationship or struggle with commitment as it can help to remind one of their inner courage.

  • Carry a piece of Tiger’s Eye in your wallet to attract and make financial gain.

  • Tiger’s Eye reminds one of their inner strength and fills you with determination. Tiger’s Eye makes a lovely present for those who are in controlling relationships or suffering from addictions.

  • Wear a Tiger’s Eye bracelet on the left wrist to develop courage; as a learned behaviour it can help you to remember to feel uncomfortable and then conquer your fear.

  • Place a piece of Tiger’s Eye on your desk or work space as it helps you to find the confidence and assertiveness stored in you and reach success on your own terms.

  • Take a piece of Tiger’s Eye with you to an interview or in times of difficult conversation as it can help you to remain grounded but also display unconditional love and strength.

  • Tiger’s Eye can be a nice present for those suffering from affective disorders as it can help to reduce mental conflict and think in a calmer way, place near the crown chakra to calm a busy mind at night.

  • Place a piece of Tiger’s Eye on your Solar Plexus to help you remain grounded and centred during a chaotic situation. Holding a piece of Tiger’s Eye and meditating on the bands can help to overcome emotional blocks.

  • Place of the sacral chakra is you feel you are lacking self-worth or hyper-critical.

  • Place on the root chakra to ground and aid a kundalini awakening

  • Red Tiger’s Eye can help you to manifest your desires and bring energy and action needed to put them into place.

  • Golden Tiger’s Eye vibrates with our highest consciousness - one of compassion, grace and unconditional love.

Tiger’s Eye can be cleansed in running water but should not be included as a gem water due to potential toxicity.

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