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Leaf Retreat Events 2023
To book any of our events, please text or ring 07506145183. 

Beltane to Summer Solstice - May Opportunities

Full Moon Meets!  In person at Leaf Retreat Lincs. 7pm - 8.30pm.  Join us for an evening of magic, on the full moon each month. Activities include angel readings, manifesting, psychic work, meditation and the setting of intentions. We ask that you bring a item of food for the table so that we can feast together! A free event. Please let me know if you will be attending so I can organise the retreat. Some months may be online if I am away, so please check in advance. First event of the year is the Wolf Moon, Friday 6th Jan 2023. Then the 5th Feb, 7th March, 6th April, 5th May, 4th June, 3rd July, 1st Aug, 29th Sept, 28th Oct, 27th Nov.
Update: The Full Moon Meet for May 2023 will take place this Thursd
ay instead of the Friday (meet on the 4th May the day before).

Dog-friendly Foraging and Forest Bathing. For those who would like to learn how to forage and forest bathe with me then workshops on the Sat 7th, Sun 21st, and Sat 27th May. Other dates are possible so just get in touch and we can organise something.

Health on a Plate  Certified Nutritional Course. Beginning again on Friday 12th May, each Friday for 8 weeks, 2hrs, varying time slots available. Details on request. Or a second start date of the 26th. 

Basic Herbalism Course Beginning the 17th May, each Wed for 6 weeks, 2hrs  varying time slots available. Or a second start date of the 31st May. Details on request.

Summer Solstice Garden Party. Wed 21st June 12-4pm and  7pm-7am.  A really special event to celebrate 3 years of business but more importantly, Summer Solstice!  All our best supporters, newcomers, friends - all are welcome but tickets are strictly limited. Lessons, meditation and activities with a theme of nature and celebration. VIP garden party - tarot, mediumship and general Witchyness. We can accommodate six guests and one camping tent! 


Children's Creative Meditation Session  Saturdays throughout 2023. 12-1.30pm @ Leaf Retreat Lincs. Please book in advance by paying £5 to A great choice for children suffering from anxiety, crystal children and those fascinated by colours, dance and music! 

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