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Vibrational Healing No.8 Dendritic Agate

Dendritic Agate - Volcanic Forest Energy!

Agate is a variety of Chalcedony, a type of microcrystalline quartz. Made up of silicon dioxide it is formed from quartz growths and Moganite (a quartz polymorph around 5-20%), which creates its waxy lustre.

Whilst chemically identical, in low temperatures, chalcedony is more soluble than quartz which is most likely due to the fine grain structure of chalcedony, leading to a higher surface area to volume ratio.

Chalcedony occurs in a full range of Earthly colours, including black. Types of microcrystalline structures include: Banded agates, Aventurine, Bloodstone, Carnelian, Chrysoprase, Dendritic Agate, Heliotrope, Jasper, Mtorolite, Onyx (black chalcedony).

Moss Agate and Tree Agate are forms of Dendritic Agate and rather than the characteristic banding of agates instead you find beautiful tree-like formations with a transparent and white background, respectively. The green tree-like inclusions are due to amphibole minerals which include: calcium, sodium, magnesium, iron chromium, manganese, potassium, titanium, nickel and aluminium. Agates generally form through silica deposits which are brought into cavities within the igneous rocks by groundwater; it is proposed that higher aluminium counts correlate to a deeper depth of crystallisation. In the case of banded agate, the layers are deposited around the wall of the cavity or from the bottom to produce the characteristic banding.

The colour green represents forests, rainforests and green land providing life sustaining oxygen due to a process called photosynthesis; hence, the colour green has long been associated with abundance and growth.

Read below for 12 super and easy ways to use Dendritic Agates:

  • A super stone for the self-employed. Place a Moss Agate stone on the desk when you are working on your finances, such as tax returns. It can help to encourage savings and draw new business, leading to abundance over time.

  • Moss Agate and Tree Agate help you to connect and communicate with devas (Nature Spirits). I like to sit quietly in some woodland on a rainy day or by water. Meditate with moss agate by simply closing your eyes and quieting the mind for a few minutes. When you open your eyes you will feel closer to the Elementals (devas). Nature spirits are really amazing at reminding you that our Earth is a living being and help you to connect on a spiritual level.

  • Tree Agate holds an earthy and peaceful vibe, reflecting the colours and shapes of lush forest! Take a piece of Tree Agate and meditate with it - look into the microcosm within the macrocosm - the tiny geodes and bands of new growth will lead you on a journey into the Earth.

  • Carry a piece of Moss Agate with you during times of new beginnings as it helps you to remain grounded, work from the heart and provide you with opportunities to grow; perfect for scientists, explorers, students and researchers or anyone leading a new hobby.

  • Place a piece of Moss Agate in the East and South-East are of the home for prosperity.

  • Lie with a piece of Dendritic Agate on your heart chakra or third-eye to raise awareness and link into the collective consciousness. Take time to quietly contemplate what spiritual lessons you are being given.

  • Tree Agate can help to soothe tempers, promote patience and bring a feeling of inner calm. As it represents growth it can make a lovely present for those suffering with depression, those in a difficult period or those in convalescence - reminding us that time heals and brings new opportunity.

  • A beautiful gift for garden lovers or those involved agriculture as it deepens ones connection with nature; Moss Agate is also a lovely gift for those who are expecting - midwifes used moss agate as a birthing crystal to symbolise new beginnings.

  • Worn as a necklace over the heart chakra Dendritic Agate is said to help you find love or regrow an old love.

  • Place a piece of Dendritic Agate in your plant pots to enhance growth and renewal, farmers used to bury them in their fields during sowing to ensure a good harvest.

  • Grid a room to feel close to nature. Place a piece of Tree Agate, Rhyolite, Green Calcite and a piece of Moss Agate in each corner of the room for a revitalising but peaceful energy, which is inviting to Devas.

  • Dendritic Agates resonate with the environment so on the full moon it is nice to hold and set an intention. Set your intention to benefit the Elementals and the environment. To do this sit quietly and imagine your intention to be true, play out the scenario whilst handling the stone, before ending and with a heart full let the love flow into the stone and allow the universe to resonate the intention.

The Chalcedony family are natural works of art! Agates lend themselves to meditation due to their vivid and intricate Earthly patterns - simply relax and go on a journey with them. Project your goal into any agate and the energy will be magnified. You can bring extra energy by honouring goddesses:

  • Honour Gaia, our Earth mother, born out of chaos yet brings order - call on her if you need order in your life.

  • Honour Bona Dea if you work with herbs or in healing.

  • Honour Aurora, the mother of the winds; Blue Lace Agate is particularly brilliant as the streaks and swirls look like clouds.

  • Choose black agates to honour the goddess Cerridwen, especially if you are in need or spiritual transformation.

  • Dendritic Agate honours Artemis, who represents a love of the mountains.

  • Use Moss Agate as an offering to Flora, the goddess of plants.

What can you see in your agate? We would love to know if you have any Dendritic Agates and find out how you use them; why not let us know in BeLeafers!

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