Leaf Naturopathics

Naturopathy restores our vital balance by finding the root cause of dis-ease and rebalancing and detoxifying the body. Having a strong vital life-force helps us to heal quickly and be less susceptible to dis-ease; effective and versatile and perfect for aiding chronic dis-ease. Pathological causes of dis-ease include cellular dysfunction, genetic pre-disposition, nutritional deficiencies, environmental toxins, microbes and physical damage. I use a variety of modalities to restore normal functioning including: nutritional therapy, herbalism, environmental education, homeopathic remedies, purposeful supplementation and energetic healing. Health is not merely an absence of dis-ease but so much more!

Margaret Barnes, NHFDip. (B.A.Hons. PGCE. M.A.)

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Nutritional Consultation

Are you wanting to improve your health or improve your diet?  Are you a vegan and needing help to formulate your diet? Are you trying to become healthier and learn about foods and nutrients? These consultations are suitable for those wishing to learn about healthy eating and dietary formulations; we cater for all dietary needs. Consultations are available on-line, by telephone or at the centre. £45. 

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Naturopathic Consultations for Chronic Dis-ease

Are you lacking energy? struggling with specific symptoms? Naturopathy is well worth a try, especially if you feel you are not getting better with conventional treatment. Consultations for those suffering from chronic disease including

arthritis, cholesterol, diabetes, endometriosis, fibromyalgia, heart dysfunction, stroke, KT Syndrome and many more! Consultations are available online, telephone or at the centre. A 90 minute initial consult is £100, with follow up packages available. Become a member for a 25% discount

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Get Healthy With Your Canine  Nutritional Weekend

Come and visit for the weekend and have one day for yourself and one day for your furry friend. You will learn how to formulate diets for your dog and have tailored help to your own health challenges. Priced at £250 per person (with Doggie). Become a member for 25% discount