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Leaf Naturopathics 


Naturopathy and Nutritional Therapy restores our vital balance, working at the root cause of dis-ease. Often including elements of  herbalism, homeopathic remedies, environmental education, purposeful supplementation, and cleansing techniques to detox and rebalance the body. Please take a look at my services below to see how I can help you.


Margaret Barnes, NHFDip.NHFAdDip. (B.A.Hons. PGCE. M.A.)

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Diet Analysis 

Nutrition is a minefield of conflicting information, which isn’t helpful when you want to lose weight and keep it off. This is especially true if you are Vegan and struggling to consume all the necessary nutrients and/or food just isn’t increasing energy for you.


You will send a Three-Day Food Diary for a Diet Analysis, meaning that we will review

what you are consuming and focus on alternatives and recommendations that will help you reach your personal goals. This could include cupboard swaps, recipes and any necessary supplements that might benefit you.


Diet Analysis includes two online or in-person sessions; the first is a 1-hour meeting and the

second is a 2-hour session when we will deep dive into your Food Diary, analyse what you

consume, make recommendations, and write everything up so that you can move forward


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Why not Pick My Brains?


Most of us are aware that the world of complimentary therapies contain  a minefield of conflicting information, and it can be difficult to pick through it all and sort the myth from the fact.

This service is perfect if you are looking to embark on your journey of healing and obtain answers to your specific problem. 

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Bespoke Chronic Disease Programme

Having a debilitating chronic disease can take over your life, however learning to manage it

could be closer than you think.


Our Bespoke Chronic Disease Programme will show you how diet affects your health, and together we will create a six-month plan that is designed specifically for you, offering small changes including nutrition and supplements that will support  your health.


Whilst this programme cannot cure your illness, it can help to reduce symptoms.

The programme is suitable for individuals with the following chronic illnesses: Arthritis,

Fibromyalgia, Heart Disease, IBS, Crohn's, Diabetes, High cholesterol, Anxiety, Depression, Endometriosis and Menopause.


Sessions take place bi-weekly for 6 months, either online or in-person for 1 and a half hours per session.


Acute Consultation

Many of us don’t realise the intricate connection between natural herbs and our overall health. If you have an acute or minor issue that you just can’t get rid of, the Acute

Consultation is what will help you.


We will sit down and chat about everything from supplements, herbal support and

nutritional advice that will help your body heal quicker, by giving it the nutrients it needs.

Bespoke herbals can be organised for an extra charge. Sessions last 1 and a half hours and can be done either online or in person. 

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