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The Workshops and Courses

Would you like to learn and experience something new? Pop in for a  visit, or come and stay, to enjoy a self-care or educational holiday

Please get in touch should you wish to book a course, have any questions, or to plan a bespoke learning day and we will do our best to help.

Health on a Plate 

Are you feeling uninspired and tired of eating the same thing every day? Maybe you want to learn more about eating seasonally or discover a healthy but non-restrictive diet. 


HAOP is a course designed to educate you and broaden your knowledge and awareness of what is good for you and how you can make dinner time more interesting.

Discover healthy recipes including gluten-free desserts and raw chocolate. Recipes can include seasonal foods if you are

looking to save money on your cooking ingredients.


Health on a Plate has been fully certified by the NHF, making it ideal for anyone

looking to train as a Nutritional Therapist. However, it is also perfect for anyone looking to educate themselves for their family and friends. 


8 weeks, 1 lesson per week, 1.5 hr per session. Online or in-person. 

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Join our alternative community page on Facebook! Simply head to Leaf Retreat Community Group.  A place for all things unusual, inspiring, natural, eco, herbalism, foraging, moon cycles, healing, you name it. 




Join our Pawsome Community on Facebook! Simply head to Naturopathic Canine Health Group  A place to experience all about canine healing and the importance of nutrition.

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Foraging is perfect if you are keen to feel more grounded and connected to the natural

world. This course aims to educate you so that you can forage safely, identifying plants

around you so you know which ones are safe for consumption and which should be avoided.


Once we had collected the ingredients, we will then look at what we can create using each of them. This could be a culinary delight such as a wild pesto or elderberry syrup, or it could be creating a herbal balm. What we create will of course, be seasonal and depend on what plants we find during our



The full foraging mini course is £99 per couple, so this is the perfect treat for you and your partner, best friend, sibling etc. Sessions last 4 - 5 hours. 


Simple foraging meets also happen periodically, just £15 for a private taught lesson 2 hrs.  Forest forest bathes and immersion £10 or free events. All types of foraging events for all pockets! 

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Naturopathic Days

Our Naturopathic Days occur quarterly, to line up with solstice and equinoxes throughout the year.


Each session is a form of celebration that could include any of the following:

Nutritional Talks, Making Balms or Syrups, Angel Readings, Reiki Shares, Meditation, Breathing Exercises, Chakra and Crystal Readings.

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1. Dietary analysis. Introduction to macronutrients and bust some myths! 

2. Introduction to micronutrients and food groups  Is your dog’s diet complete? 

3. Practical cooking session, plus Q and A. 

4. Purposeful supplementation and discussion of common deficiencies.

The course is suitable for those who wishing to home-feed, raw or cooked for dogs 6-12kg. 

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Love crystals but want to learn more about how they can benefit your life? This is an 8-week course that looks at a different crystal each week- theory, interesting science and geology and historical significance plus crystal therapy techniques and how they can help you gain more awareness and understanding to Earth energy.

Course will include a set of crystals that will be available to purchase. The course is online or at the centre. Up to 6 per group or individual

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Want to know the secrets to manifesting and how to communicate with your guides, so they can benefit your life?


Offered every NEW moon. 

Each session is a form of celebration that could include any of the following:

Manifesting, Angel Readings, Reiki Shares, Meditation, Breathing Exercises, Chakra and Crystal balancing, Readings. 


Well behaved dogs and children allowed. £3 or bring something for the table. All abilities welcome. Places strictly limited 7pm. 


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Herbal Course

This course is  perfect if you want to delve into the world of herbalism, but not sure where to start. This course has a bit of everything, ranging from chemical constituents, energetics, preparations and practical activities, working alongside a Media Metria and looking at 8 specific herbs.  


By the end of the course, you will know how to make basic herbal preparations, and how to use them safely, as well as a little science to add to the beginning of your herbal journey. 


The course is £200 for 8 weeks. Two hours each week plus a homework, practical and written. 

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