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Leaf & Love - Wellbeing Therapies for the Body-mind. 

Energetic therapies help you to find your vital life force, calm the mind, and develop your connection with nature.  Get ready to be inspired by energetic healing, meditation, mindfulness, psychology, spirituality and intuition! And, don't forget we have a gemstone and jewellery shop for all your crystal needs - why not pay us a visit? 

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Have the support of a spiritual life coach. Discover the real you and your purpose with Spiritual Life Coaching.


Spiritual Life Coaching will help teach you to set boundaries, develop your awareness and connect with nature by developing your intuition and awareness.

Available either online or in-person, sessions take place bi-weekly for 3 months.


Guided Mediation Sessions 

Calm negative thoughts and anxiety, whilst grounding yourself with a Guided Meditation



The meditation will involve following simple instructions that will help ease stress whilst

supporting the inner child, guiding you on a journey of peace that includes breathing

exercises and can be adapted into your daily life once you leave.

This is a regular evening session suitable for anyone who needs to find some inner calm



Sessions are one-hour in length and are usually in a small group (max. six people), however,

one-on-one sessions are also available.

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Children's Creative Meditation Sessions 


When children deal with adult issues, it can be difficult for them to understand their emotions and struggle with anxiety - they can retreat inwards, have anger or display difficult behaviours.  

Our Creative Meditation sessions are exclusively designed to provide a safe play session where they can find new ways of processing their emotions and feelings through creativity. Sessions include the use of singing bowls, meditation, music, dance, crystal healing, reiki, colour therapy and nature play and of course, .Elliot, our trained Therapy Pug is on hand to help too! 

If you live locally, we offer regular sessions, either in groups of 6 or 1:1; whichever works better for your child. All sessions last 1 hour.


Reiki and Crystal Therapy


Reiki and Crystal Therapy aim to help you feel fully relaxed and grounded.

Reiki centres around universal energy, which promotes both a healthy body and a healthy

mind to restore your overall well-being. Crystal Vibrations are used to rebalance your

chakras, helping you to feel grounded.

This type of therapy is designed to be a gentle method of releasing trauma and easing you

into the world safely and supported.


These are 1:1 sessions, that last 40 minutes. Canine  reiki on request £5. 

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