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Vibrational Healing No.1 Clear Quartz

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

No.1 Clear Quartz - Amplifies and Transforms Energy

A Crystal Ritual! If you are new to crystals and want to become accustomed to their energy, you can complete a little ritual! The first time you receive a crystal it is nice to spend some time honouring it. Once you have cleansed yourself, had a little pre-meditation, and smudged yourself with incense clockwise, you are ready to begin. In this case, if it is suitable, bathe your clear quartz in salt water for a few minutes – just a small pinch of salt into a bowl of cold water will do. During this time, find something or somewhere to keep your crystal safe. Once you have done that, cleanse again under running water. I like to do this outdoors in the sunshine, but at other times I simply sit down. Rub your hands strongly and then pick up and hold the crystal in your hands. In your mind ask the crystal why it has come to you. Listen and say thank you. Then ask it will it work for you and simply tell your crystal what you require.

Why not look below for 12 easy ways to use clear quartz:

  • Clear quartz is super for clearing chaotic, confused frequencies inside our bodies, emotional or physical. Use clear quartz to harmonise your thoughts or areas of the body, becoming less erratic and confused.

  • You can apply clear quartz to an affected area to stimulate or transmute an area locally. Often used around joints to stimulate blood flow to the area, it is useful for dispelling stagnant energy, such as a headache. It is important to be mindful and follow a simple, slowed breathing pattern for effective results. You can also fix the crystals with a bandage or plaster, or place in clothes. Please note, you should always visit a doctor for any condition; this is just common sense.

  • Clear quartz works great as jewellery as the vibrations travel through the whole body including the blood, nerves and the energy pathways. It can help to protect you from day-to-day stress

  • Hold a clear quartz in the palm of your hand in-between your knees and breathe in and out for instant energy.

  • Place a clear quartz in a room or desk where you need energy or wish to amplify - such as a healing room.

  • During a full moon you can sit and mediate with your crystal and use it for Scying - what patterns can you seen in the stone, what thoughts come to your mind? Bless your stone and leave in the moonlight to recharge and bless your intentions for the coming months.

  • Witchy friends may like to hold a clear quartz against their third-eye for inspiration and foresight.

  • Quartz can help you to focus your dreams. Hold the crystal in the palm of your hand and think about problems that you want a solution to. You may find you wake up in the morning with a great solution!

  • Clear quartz can be place in front of computers and televisions to purify the positive ions that are emitted.

  • Clear quartz is very energetic and can be ungrounding for some individuals; combining it with smoky quartz or black tourmaline can guide the flow of energy while remaining grounded

  • Plants also love crystals, you can simply place a clear quartz close by or in the plant pot.

  • Clear quartz is safe for children and dogs as it is non-toxic. I gently rub my dogs down with clear quartz after a stressful event of any kind, especially if they have been around lots of people as they are empathic and pick up on our energy. The same applies to children simply wave a clear quartz clockwise around their aura.

We would love to know if you have a clear quartz and how you use it. Visit BeLeafers! to tell us. If you would like to know more, then why not join our Zoom Meet this Monday at 7pm. Please message us to let us know you would like to join at

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