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Vibrational Healing - Crystals

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

This is an introductory post on how to take care of your crystals and use them appropriately. Let’s first understand the basic theories behind vibrational science! Crystals are made from different minerals which hold different vibrations and processes due to their differing mineral content. In terms of vibrational power, clear quartz, for example, contains silica and has piezoelectric qualities due to its spiral crystalline form. Piezoelectric simply means to give off an electrical current when under force, creating a resonance. We can use the vibrations given off by crystals to heal our own vibrations, or places of stagnant energy within our body.

Resonance has an integral relationship with consciousness; all things in Nature vibrate, each with its own frequency. Nature has a yearning for order with these vibrations wanting to move in synchronicity. There are many examples in nature where synchronicity can be seen: fireflies flash in sync during gatherings, women bleed in sync within households, and the moon syncs its orbit around the earth; processes synchronise due to visual, electrical and chemical cues. The same processes exist in our cells - chemical messengers in the form of hormones, electrical signals in the form of our muscles and nerves, and then visual in our senses.

How our brains interpret these signals is less clear and Neuroscience is still investigating the area of Panpsychism - an emergence of consciousness. In the case of fireflies there has to be some rudimentary consciousness for them to sync and so likely make the intention to flash together. With intention, we can change our brain waves. Let’s take mediation as an example.

Our top-down attentional systems are mediated by brain waves, grouped in five states according to frequency, measured in Hertz (Hz):

  1. Gamma at 30-100 Hz: our cognitive functions and heightened perceptions

  2. Beta at 12-30Hz: our normal everyday processes, conversations, and problem solving

  3. Alpha at 8-13 Hz: our relaxed state

  4. Theta 4-8 Hz: our creative and meditative state

  5. Delta 1-4 Hz: when we sleep with loss of awareness and healing time.

Beta is our natural standard waking state but during meditation we fall into an alpha or theta state; we feel closer to nature and more relaxed. Interestingly, the 7.83 Hz Schumann Resonance falls within the range of human brain waves where the alpha brain wave and theta brain wave ranges meet. Perhaps no coincidence?

The Schumann Resonance is our planetary heartbeat, which sets the tempo for health and wellbeing. The slow vibration of the Earth is the same as our slowed brain waves. This begs the question, are we not more connected to the heartbeat under a theta state? Is this how we communicate with Earth through intuition and why we feel connected?

The Earth’s vibration can be felt when sitting and resting on the ball of the foot; vibrations can be felt through the leg. Anthropological studies have shown humans synchronise to this frequency with examples of sympathetic resonance in tribes through Shamanic drumming and trance dance, while Jewish and Muslim communities sway while praying.

A similar sympathetic connection has been witnessed in the harmonic phenomenon of the tuning-fork – notably where a second unstruck tuning-fork will resonate in sync with a struck, then muted, like tuning-fork. So you see everything in the Earth vibrates at different frequencies, which we measure in Hz and that includes crystals. For example, from our fastest resonance of a single cell at 27 THz, our body resonates somewhere in the middle at a frequency of 62-70 MHz to our slowest brainwave at 4 Hz. In the universe we have examples of vibrations in sound and colour. Sound waves vibrate in Hz; for example, Middle C on the piano resonates at 262 Hz, meaning there are 262 vibrations each second, with the A above middle C being 440 vibrations per second. Colour vibrates in trillions per second (THz) with the colour violet resonating around 770 THz, and the colour red at 460 THz. So when you find yourself attracted to a particular colour, you are in reality also attracted to the frequency that it holds.

It is likely crystals can fine-tune our vibrations due to their structure and colour; with crystals increasing energy flow or transmitting energy on the meridians or chakra points of the body. And like the tuning-fork, we can sync our vibrations to remove low vibrations, such as lowered emotions of fear and guilt. Crystal healing is currently classed as a pseudoscience but actually little, unbiased research has been conducted, which is a shame. I have wonderful results with Crystal Therapy. Is it just a placebo effect or is there more to it? Why not experiment with crystals and find out for yourself?

How to Use Crystals: Six Key Steps

Traditionally, crystals have interested our ancestors, being found in archeological sites of ancient Greece, Egypt, India and Mesopotamia. Crystals have long been revered. If you would like to experiment, read on to find out how to use them.

Step 1: Be Pure of Heart and Mind

Crystals are thought of as the ‘bones of Mother Earth’ by the traditional American Indian peoples. A wise soul once told me that every crystal taken from the Earth maintains her Heart; if you take a crystal, it is important to respect it and look after it as the Earth is a living entity.

Step 2. Choosing A Crystal

Intuition is our ‘inner feeling’. As observations and inner knowing are the best ways to communicate with crystals, crystals often ‘find you’ when you are of quiet mind. The energies are subtle and how you perceive them is an individual process. Put simply, crystals either ‘speak’ to you, or you will suddenly notice a particular crystal.

If you spot a crystal when you are out shopping and you feel it should come home with you, well perhaps you need its vibrations! Trust your intuition. I used to go to crystal shops and a stone would jump out at me. I didn't know why. I would then get home and open my crystal book to find out it was perfect for my current situation. If you end up buying your crystal, follow the next steps.

Step 3: Preparing A Crystal For Use

Any crystal you buy or that has been given to you should be cleansed first. Which method you choose will depend on the crystal, but a few options include:

  • Recharging in sunshine - simply leave in the sun for a few hours; a sunny windowsill is ideal.

  • Water - run your crystal under flowing water for a couple of minutes.

  • Sound - if you have bells or a singing bowl you can cleanse the crystal by chiming over it.

  • Moonlight - leave your crystal out under moonlight; I particularly like doing this during the full moon.

  • Smudge with incense. This is also ideal for cleansing mediation areas or office from positive ions, from electromagnetic stress coming from computers and such. You can use sage, cedar or any incense that you like. Simply waft your crystal through the smoke. I always purify myself by giving myself a quick waft of incense in a clockwise manner to remove any negative energy too!

  • Bathing - a little bathe in a river, the ocean or a bowl of salt water. The latter is particularly good if you have been using your crystal to release lots of negative energy. A quick dip is all it takes; longer if you like but it depends on the crystal.

  • Dry rub - simply use a soft cloth to rub your crystal clean and bless it with a few personal words.

Step 4: Determine The Reason For Using The Crystal

I always remember my Crystal Therapy teacher telling me many years ago that “the first crystal you work with is yourself”. We are often not aware of our thoughts and it is important when ‘programming’ our crystal that we do so with a positive intention and not our busy thoughts. Try a little meditation or deep breaths in a calm manner before making a simple request. Remember the fireflies – they have the intention. Your intention could be ‘to fill my room with positive energy’ or ‘please heal my vibrations with grace and ease’, for example.

Step 5: Using The Crystal

Crystal healing is a natural therapy that is versatile and easy to implement. Some ways that you can use your crystal are to:

  • Simply carry them in your pocket for good vibrations!

  • Hold them in your hand when you need to and rub and touch them and pick up on their vibrations.

  • Wear them as jewellery; blue stones around the throat chakra work well, for example.

  • Place a crystal in one’s surroundings to add positivity to a room and grab your attention when it is needed.

  • Place them on sore areas of the body and simply let them rest while focusing on intention of breathing and light entering the area.

  • Aid massage and healing, such as crystal wands.

  • Place them under your pillow while sleeping for beneficial effects.

  • Place crystals under your mattress for good energy, for example with amethyst - one at the top and two at the bottom.

  • Make crystal water. You can drink the benefits or even use their essence to make potions, creams and salves (note, some crystals are toxic and must not be drunk or taken internally).

  • Spend time with your crystals in the outdoors or a stone circle, enhancing nature and helping you to search inwardly.

  • Use them in energetic treatments where crystals are placed on the body and chakra points.

How you use your crystal is really up to you! I personally like to hold mine while doing a simple meditation to feel the vibrations and observe the messages I receive. I always wear crystals as jewellery and it is very interesting to see how your choices develop. I bet if you buy a crystal you are attracted to and then read about their properties, you will find it is perfect for your current situation!

Step 6: Thank Your Crystal

Once you have used your crystal, it is nice to say thank you. Remember to store the crystal carefully when travelling as they can easily scratch when placed with others; terminated crystals points can also damage easily so be sure to protect them.

Like anything, we all need a cleanse so regular appropriate cleansing every couple of weeks is perfect. It will keep your crystal happy and effective. If you give the stone to someone else to help with their healing, simply reprogramme the crystal and cleanse.

If you feel you do not resonate with the crystal anymore, it is likely that you have healed the said emotion and it is time to move on to a new crystal - the start of building your collection! It may be that something just doesn’t resonate with you. Crystals are only effective when they meet similar frequencies, or resonance. On contact, crystals echo a charge to which other particles or structures within the body and emotions will harmonise too. Trust your instincts.

A Crystal Ritual!

If you are new to crystals and want to become accustomed to their energy, you can complete a little ritual! The first time you receive a crystal it is nice to spend some time honouring it. Once you have cleansed yourself, had a little pre-meditation, and smudged yourself with incense clockwise, you are ready to begin. In this case, if it is suitable, bathe your clear quartz in salt water for a few minutes – just a small pinch of salt into a bowl of cold water will do. During this time, find something or somewhere to keep your crystal safe. Once you have done that, cleanse again under running water. I like to do this outdoors in the sunshine, but at other times I simply sit down. Rub your hands strongly and then pick up and hold the crystal in your hands. In your mind ask the crystal why it has come to you. Listen and say thank you. Then ask it will it work for you and simply tell your crystal what you require. If it is not possible to cleanse with water, you can use sound or another method but follow the rest of the ritual.

Good luck. Join us in BeLeafers for our crystal updates and let us know how you get on!

Namaste, Margaret

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