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Vibrational Healing No.2 Rose Quartz

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Rose Quartz - The Love Crystal

We associate the colour pink with matters of the heart, love, friendships, forgiveness and compassion. Impurities such as aluminium, iron, titanium or manganese give rose quartz its pink colour. Rose quartz has the same transformational and amplifying qualities of clear quartz due to its silica content which has piezoelectric qualities. Rose quartz therefore, is very useful to transforms matters of the heart and amplify unconditional love.

You should first cleanse your rose quartz before use, you can do this in water, moonlight and sunshine and it is safe to add to drinking water too. Just make sure it is indeed a natural rose quartz as some can be irradiated for a deeper colour, which are not suitable for healing. If you are new to crystals we recommend you read our introductory post, titled ‘Vibrational Healing - Crystals’ which talks you through the basics and how to use crystals safely and appropriately.

Read below for 12 super and easy ways to use rose quartz:

  • Rose quartz is super for transforming confused emotional frequencies of the heart. If you are feeling broken hearted, simply place piece of rose quartz over the heart area. Lie down quietly with the crystal and imagine breathing in pink, loving light and ask for your pain to be eased.

  • Rose quartz encourages self-love and wonderfully relaxing. You can add a couple of pieces of rose quartz into your bath to enhance relaxation and feelings of self-worth. If you prefer you can hold the crystal under the tap so the cold water infuses with rose quartz energies.

  • Placing a piece of rose quartz under your pillow can help you to attract a new love, to renew existing relationships or aid dreamtime.

  • If you have a problem within a friendship, simply pop a rose quartz crystal next to a photo of you both and set your intentions to the crystal for a resolve. If it is possible, light a candle (safely) and sit for a moment and send them positive vibrations too.

  • Rose quartz is safe to add to your drinking water, simply leave in for around an hour or overnight. Rose quartz can help to imbue the water with self confidence and unconditional love and you can drink these lovely vibrations! (Please be careful and clean you stone well beforehand and remove before drinking so that you do not choke!). You can also water your plants with rose quartz energy for some extra love!

  • Rose quartz has very gentle vibrations. It is important to ask permission from your animal first but I find dogs love a little rose quartz rub down! Simply wipe a piece of rose quartz down their spine and up their legs and chest. Hold over their heart charka (between the legs/chest) and imagine the pink light entering the heart. It is very calming and useful during periods of convalescence.

  • Rose Quartz is attractive in jewellery - wearing it can help to attract love and perfect as a necklace to cover and protect the heart chakra from the negative emotions of others.

  • Known as the love stone, rose quartz makes a lovely present for friendships or romance alike! Very calming and reassuring to those with depression or suffering from loneliness or dementia.

  • Buy a piece of rose quartz and place in a room or office to amplify loving vibrations and reduce negativity.

  • Placing a pair of rose quartz geodes or crystals either side of the bed can enhance love making in the bedroom! Massage wands made out of rose quartz make for a lovely relaxing massage/ present too!

  • Pick up a piece of rose quartz each day and make an affirmation such as ‘ I am strong, confident and worthy of love’ or ‘please remove negative people from my life’

  • Rose quartz strengthens resolve and self-love therefore you can use them to help you stick to your goals, such as in the kitchen if you are trying to change your eating habits or in the bathroom if you are encouraging self-love.

A final word, while rose quartz is generally not synthetically created as it is cheap and in abundance there are fakes on the market, such as irradiated versions (the irradiated will usually look much darker) and not suitable for healing. Halite, which is actually salt also looks similar but this will dissolve in water. If you are using rose quartz for healing or making gem water do be sure you have yourself a piece of rose quartz and buy from a reputable dealer.

We would love to know if you have a rose quartz and how you use it! Visit BeLeafers! To share your experiences. If you would like to know more or buy our products please get in touch.

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