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Leaf & Love

Welcome to Leaf & Love at our Holistic Healing Centre. Vis medicatrix naturae (our vital energetic life force) comprises of our physical, emotional, mental and environmental bodies. Leaf & Love aims to tune in your energy to find that vital force, a sustaining and replenishing energy. Get ready to be inspired by energetic healing, meditation, mindfulness, psychology, spirituality and intuition!


As a visitor you might like to book a therapy session, join a workshop or choose a book from our extensive healing themed bookcase and enjoy cup of tea! We also have a small range of gemstone jewellery and trinkets and a collection of Neal's Yard products for you to browse. We offer a wide range of specialist services to help you below; should you have an enquiry please do not hesitate to call, we cater for all requests! 


Life-coaching is great for those that need to get their life in order. Have you hit a brick wall or wonder where your life is going?  The sessions help you to own yourself and make decisions that are right for you. You will learn to connect with spirit guides, tune into energy, chakra work, meditation and vision quests. Sessions can take place online, by telephone or at the centre.

Lifecoaching Sessions

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Young Adult's Meditation 

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Beginner classes or complete courses for those wishing to embark on meditation. Meditation can help with anxiety, depression, fear or be used for exam success, developing confidence or manifesting. Singing bowls, coloured silks, crystals, angel cards are all included, should you wish to include them. Workshops or individual session available at the centre.Sessions last one hour.

Creative Meditation Sessions 

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Canine healing sessions including Reiki & Crystal Therapy and a little extra love. Sessions last for 20 minutes. 

Energetic Healing for Animals

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30 minute session. A wonderfully relaxing experience, excellent for stress and recovery from illness. Lie back in beautiful surroundings and let the crystals do the rest while experiencing aromatherapy and Reiki & sound healing. You are fully clothed for the treatment. 

Crystal Therapy &  Reiki 

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Piano Lessons , £20 Per Hour

Piano Lessons

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