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Litha - Abundance, Fulfilment & Celebration

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Summer Solstice sees us arrive at the longest day and the shortest night of the year - the beginning of our astronomical Summer. The solstice in Northern Hemisphere will be at Summer solstice 2022 in Northern Hemisphere will be at 10:13 on

Tuesday, June 21. Midsummers Day is also celebrated on June 24th as it is halfway between planting and harvest so really we have a week of feasting and celebrations!

Druids named Summer Solstice as Alban Hefin - the Light of Summer. Summer Solstice is also known as Litha. Litha is a festival in celebration of the Sun God. The Sun is the life force of the Earth who is pregnant with Child. We can see that nature is fertile at this time with tadpoles metamorphosing into frogs, hatching fry, buds blooming into flowers with spectacular displays of colour, the birds are collecting worms for their infants. Life is abundant now thanks to the sun, so we celebrate this expansive time of bountiful harvest.

In ancient times, people lit fires during Litha which were said to strengthen the sun and ward off evil. Torches were lit and peoples would gather with their animals, celebrating with song and dance until the sunrise. Litha is a time of power, light and finding our ‘inner-fire’. Fire represents transformation - a time when we can transform our lives and flourish in abundance.

Ways to Celebrate Litha

Altars and prayer areas can be dressed with a rainbow of Summer flowers. Blue represents the sky, bright fiery colours such as yellow, orange or reds can to harness Earth’s fire energy. Pinks and purples can be used to honour Flora, the flower Goddess, to bring love and spirituality. I also like to forage some fallen Oak leaves for my altar as the Oak tree is associated with Midsummer. If you are wanting to light candles, yellow, red or oranges candles work well as they represent fire energy.

I love to go fruit picking. The June full moon is known as the Strawberry moon as this was a time when the strawberries were ready to harvest. Why not bring in Summer energy and enjoy some strawberries and cream in the great outdoors?

Just like the bees that are busy buzzing and pollinating the flowers, summer is a social time. Why not meet up with those you love and spend time outdoors with a picnic to celebrate nature’s bountiful harvest? Given that Litha is a celebration of the Sun God, why not make a night of it and light a fire and have dance?

I like to stay up on Midsummers Eve and light candles in the garden as the energy always feels very special. Summer has such a playful energy so it is the prefect time to spend it with the people that support you and enjoy time under the stars in a candle lit garden.

If you don’t fancy getting out in nature why not light the home with candles to represent fire and bring Litha energy indoors. If you are single this is the perfect time for self-care. Enjoy a nice bath. I like to include some Essential oils; heady fragrances such as Bergamot, Jasmine or Ylang Ylang are a lovely way to unwind.

Why not do some journalling; be grateful and make plans to enjoy the coming days of Litha’s sun? Or why not spend some time with your crystals. Moss Agate is a lovely Earthy crystal to meditate with or perhaps a lovely Citrine or Carnelian with their fiery yellow and orange colours which represent Litha - simply sit with them in a quiet mind to find out what wisdom they hold.

Be ready for the sunrise. It is a nice idea to wake up and watch the dawn and celebrate the sun at its highest. I like to sit in contemplation for the sunrise and just ‘be’. I follow by writing my intentions for the year ahead. I thank Litha for providing me with abundance and taking care of my needs. It is also nice to say prayers and create your manifestations for the coming weeks until Mabon (Autumn Equinox). You might even like to do sun salutations. You can find out how to do them here, copy into YouTube: “108 Sun Salutations: Challenge Yourself, Work Hard, Shed Layers, Welcome Change”

The next day I like to get out into the woodland. Spend some of that time reflecting on the amount of growth around by observing the lush greenery that covers the Earth. Why not sit by a sacred tree - in the case of Litha, the Oak tree. Oak trees were often decorated with coloured cloths over Midsummer; if you would like to leave an offering it is probably best if it is biological. Spend some time listening to the tree’s wisdom as woodland and trees have Elementals or protective spirits, Devas. The Celts honoured the Trees as great protectors of the Earth. The Oak King represents strength and endurance. The Celtic people called Oak ‘Duir’ which translates as ‘doorway’, as we enter the second part of the year what wisdom do you hear?

Fae folk and Elementals have long been associated with Midsummer. Why not create a faery garden and leave some presents of honey, milk, nuts or something sweet? It is said that the veil between our worlds is thin over the solstices and they can easily pass through, so, if you leave an offering for the fae folk the nthey can easily pass through and bring good luck!

Or why not get out in nature and have a forage and then spend the day harnessing Earth energy. The kitchen is the centre of the home which comes under Earth’s domain so why not get creative? You can use Hawthorn flowers to make Hawthorn Brandy or Elderflowers to make champagne and enjoy the energy of Elder! Daisies work well for making a balm to soothe sore muscles and bruises so see what you can forage but there are lots of lovely things to make.

If you are more of a garden person then why not grow some wildflowers or plant some bee-friendly plants to support the bees. The honey bee is an ancient symbol of Litha so it is nice to show them respect during this time. By improving their environment we can support them so they can continue their valuable work within our ecosystem.

Have a blessed Litha everyone!

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