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Be an Earth Angel

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

The Mind-Body-Earth connection?

We are a reflection of nature; our fingerprints are like the rings of a tree and our aveoli are representations of the branches and leaves. Our red blood cells have iron at the core while plants have magnesium. We live in a symbiotic relationship with bacteria and they recycle our waste. Plants metabolise light energy into carbohydrate which we eat for energy. We then use water to digest the foods and make energy and carbon dioxide. It makes sense we feel the vibrations of our Earth.

Are we Feeling Nature's Pain?

Let's be fair our society is riddled with fear, pain and anxiety. But look at what we are doing to our seas. If water holds emotion and we drink that water what does that do for our each one of us, let alone our collective consciousness? When we eat animals that have been bred in fear their pain translates in to their food and we eat those molecules of emotion. We are elect-magnetic beings and we are drowning in emotional negativity and pollution and eating our own greed. I honestly think we are feeling the pain of ourr planet whether many of us would like to admit it or not.

Our body will always do its best to survive but it won't necessarily benefit us. Take chronic dis-ease, it is a wonderful protective mechanism but it is also de-habilitating and drastically reduces our quality of life. What life will we have when we have polluted our seas till they can pollute no more and killing our bees until we eat burgers made in a petri-dish. Is that our answer to saving the world? We need to wake up and start collectively creating change and each take responsibility.

We All Drink Under the Same Clouds

There are many things we can to support our seas and oceans. We have the power to create the world we want as consumer society is driven by our choices. Why not avoid purchasing plastic covered items and support more sustainable products? What is we all decided to use wooden toothbrushes instead? We would create change! And it does take some effort on our part, maybe a few pennies more or a little extra effort or time to obtain what we need but really look at our current situation it shows we can make changes when we are forced too and surely all of them haven't been so bad.I know I am supporting my local shops and using less...

What about reducing pesticides? Eating organic versions? Even if it is only one item a week you are helping the Earth and yourself. Remember if products damage nature they damage us too - given we are reflections of one another. We can make choices for more neutral cleaning products and less pesticides in the garden. Olive oil or Castile Soap genuinely does make the greatest cleaner and it is totally natural - why not make small changes, you would be amazed.

The one thing we can do is to be well planned and avoid plastic water bottles. It isn't right that blissful uninhabited islands are drowning in plastic. Why do we want to drink out of toxic bottles anyway when they cause damage to our hormonal system and likely contributing to female and male hormonal cancers?

Recycling can be demonstrated throughout nature and our body we should listen to her. Plants create energy through the Calvins Cycle, the Carbon Cycle recycles oxygen and carbon dioxide while our cells recycle energy through the Citric Acid cycle - each one provides life to the other. Do we really need all those things? Could we recycle them? How about upcycling something old rather than throwing it away? Simple changes cause bigger changes which creates en-masse change. It doesn't matter if we are rich or poor - we all drink from the same stream and it pays to look after are most essential molecule of life and our earth.

Can Our Thoughts Create Change?


Our cells eavesdrop on our thoughts (Deepak Chopra might have said that to be fair!) but it is true! Our thoughts and our energy affect our health - our body is intelligently designed to have all the components we need to build our emotions from the foods we eat. The ‘ingredients list’ of each emotion must be made by the liver and then dissolved after use. It's miraculous and no surprise that we would feel tired after stress or high emotion!

Love and gratefulness are our highest vibrating emotions. Focused intent and positive energy creates our goals. Think about how happy we feel during a 'honey-moon period', you feel great because of the hormones you are making and you create positive situation because your thought is focused.

One should be mindful of their thoughts because it creates the reality around then. If you are having a bad situation track those thoughts, what energy did you put out to the universe?

Why can't we all support each other and be kind? Why do we need to label ourselves? Labels are the first step to genocide. We are all one and we need to raise our collective vibrations. If people hurt you or do wrong thank them for being your lesson. And if appropriate tell them how they hurt you so they have the power to heal themselves; they might not but at least you gave them the opportunity.

And, if one thing has come from our strange times it is looking after our Oldies :) Without a community we have very little. Our Elders have so much wisdom to share and we should always protect life. I love how we are going out of our way to help the vulnerable within society as it teaches us compassion. If you make time for someone and they appreciate it, that simple gesture will return to you energetically each time that person remembers, our earth recycles and that includes our energy.

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