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Canine Holistics

Hello and Welcome! We specialise in Naturopathy and Nutritional Therapy; helping to support canines with a range of common minor complaints, chronic dis-ease, weight management and rare dis-orders. Chronic conditions include Arthritis, Allergies, Blood Toxicity, Dermatitis, IBS, Organ Dys-function, Immunity and Uroliths. For pricing  and services please scroll down, or click here

Vis medicatrix naturae (our vital life force) comprises of our physical, emotional, mental and environmental bodies. Our vital force should be in-tune with nature - an energy that flows through us, sustains us and replenishes us. Naturopathy restores our vital balance by finding the root cause and undoing damage stage by stage. I use a variety of modalities to restore normal functioning and includes: nutritional therapy, environmental education, herbalism, purposeful supplementation and energetic healing (plus many more). Pathological causes include cellular dysfunction, genetic pre-disposition, nutrient deficiencies, environmental toxins, microbes and physical damage. Having a strong vital life-force helps us to heal quickly and be less susceptible to dis-ease; it is a versatile therapy. Health is not merely an absence of dis-ease but so much more! 




​Ruby - Nutritional, Herbal & Therapeutic Diet Plan - T Cell Lymphoma

"From the moment Margaret entered our lives, Ruby’s life improved and despite the bleak prognosis (aggressive T cell lymphoma) she continues to live a very full and happy life.

Our initial consultation discussed her condition and treatment at the time. Margaret took time to research and work out a supplement for her to take with the chemotherapy. 

Once we decided to stop the chemotherapy as her tumours continued to grow and multiply Margaret proposed a diet and formula’s for Ruby. Within 2 weeks the tumours reduced and then disappeared.

Ruby will reach her fourth birthday in two weeks, which eighteen months ago we didn’t expect to have six months let alone eighteen with her.

She’s a very energetic/ hunting standard poodle who runs for miles chasing deer, playing with her doggy friends. She eats better than us and is very spoilt. Margaret continues to research nutritional and supplements and update us.

Ruby and I have visited Margaret twice, she’s very welcoming and a huge support in every way. Not sure where we would be without her . Long live Ruby X


Ruby - Lymphoma



When my two year old terrier Honey got diagnosed with a grade 1 MCT she had to be taken off her usual medication for allergies. She also had a continuous swelling to her “ cancer foot” and horrific rashes all over her stomach and chest. 


This has now changed with the help of Maggie. After a friendly chat over the phone be we decided that the 'Basic Herbal and Nutritional Consultation (£75) and the Therapeutic Diet Plan (£120) was the best option for my Honey. Maggie and her team took the stress out of home preparing food for my four legged friends by carefully calculating a unique recipe for Honey, ensuring that all her nutritional intake was balanced and safe with her health issues in mind. 


Whenever I need advice Maggie is only a phone call away and is always willing to help me where possible. I can’t recommend her services enough. Honey’s foot is a lot less swollen and her rash is completely gone.  I am amazing and eternally grateful for the help and support I have received. Thank you Maggie!

Daisy-Lymphoma/ Mast

IMG_8771 (1).jpg


Fri, Sep 07, 2018 2.31 PM


Cilla - Basic Herbal and Nutritional Consultation - Bone Degeneration / Pain

"Hello Margaret, after 10 days I thought I should let you know what is going on.

She is doing up to an hour pottering in the morning and we go down to our allotment together.  Afternoon we do another 20 or 30 mins walk and if weather is good then more allotment. Very busy time gathering stuff - beans, apples, blackberries etc.

There have been no urine leaks at night.

So in 10 days we have cut out rimadyl, propalin and incurin and reduced 
mantadine to alternate days. I have had just one morning when I felt the old lady didn't want to do more than 30 mins.

Your advice is paying off and also I must mention that the itchy skin is no longer a problem.

So if you would be good enough to send me some more items as requested then we will go for the 6-8 weeks improvement you mentioned.

Many thanks. If you want to share this email with any of your group if it would help then please feel free.

Cilla - Bone Degeneration

sallie photo pnr.jpg

​Ruby - Full-access Nutritional, Herbal & Therapeutic Diet Plan - Mast Cell Toxicity


"Ruby, our amazing little Jack Russell Terrier. I was introduced to Margaret Barnes, Pug Natural Remedies group via one of her lovely members quite by chance. 

Our little JRT Ruby had a mast cell tumour removed from her chest by our vet on 20/4/18, the surgery was extremely invasive as in the picture. It was one of the most anxious & scariest times of my life & especially when another tumour appeared 10 days later on the inside top of her right back leg!

Ruby doesn’t cope with anaesthetic at all well & was almost immobile after surgery so we decided no more surgery as avidly advised by our vet. Instead we decided to apply the holistic approach & offer her a great quality of life & in the process hopefully stop or slow down the cancer.
We started with a liver cleanse and support, internal Natural Chemo plus a Topical Chemo and some supplements / vitamins etc.


We have had a couple of set backs along the way with seasonal allergies, arthritis (due to a previous leg operation) plus some infected bites but these too have all been addressed with great success. 

Ruby’s energy levels have really improved, progressing from a slow10 minute walk per day to 3 good daily walks now, plenty of jogging & running around again at great speed, she plays chase at home & is constantly in the garden detecting frogs again.


Ruby’s old character has resurfaced again, she’s a cheeky, feisty little noisy girl & this is so lovely to see as I adore️ her with a passion, to see her you wouldn’t know she was a cancer patient. 

I know in my heart that if we’d chosen the conventional route, Ruby would not be half as happy or mobile as she is, she looks so well & this is a truly deserving testimony to Margaret Barnes & her amazing talents, my words can not express how grateful I am for her knowledge, help, guidance & natural remedies...thankyou so much Margaret for helping the love of my life...Ruby. Long may it continue xx

Ruby - Mast Cell Cancer

For Nutritional & Dietary Consultations please check out our new website

Consultation Options


Basic Naturopathy Consultation, from £45


These consults are ideal for those doggies wanting improved health and wellbeing, ageing dogs or any simple acute dis-order (for example, minor infections, dermatitis) or those wanting simple gentle remedies as an alternative to pharmaceuticals. Herbal supplements can be given for overall well-being to all dogs of different life stages and health conditions. You will be asked to fill in a basic questionnaire and provide photographs where necessary. I will create a bespoke herbal or nutritional plan to bring balance to an existing acute condition. Reviews recommended (£25). Consultations can be online, by telephone or in person at the centre. Consultations approximately 30 min

Consultation plus Therapeutic Diet by Pawsomely Cooked £288

rachel pnr.jpg

A therapeutic diet designed for a specific dis-ease; the therapeutic plans can be created for raw or home-cooked dinners. Recipes are created in batches for 7 days and come with required supplementation for the first batch, should this be necessary. We start by detailing your dog’s needs via a consultation form, including nutritional history, patterns of dis-ease, likes and dislikes. From this a recipe is created tailored to your dog’s bodyweight, age and activity level based on published research. 

Energetic Healing from £10


Canine healing sessions including Reiki & Crystal Therapy and a little extra love.  From as little as £10. Please enquire to book a session at the centre; sessions last up to 20 minutes.

Chronic Dis-ease Consultation, from £75

maisy pnr.jpg

 These consultations are aimed at dogs with long-standing dis-ease and those who require a staged healing (deep rooted toxicity). Examples include arthritis, heart disease, IBS, allergies. Herbal supplements can be given for overall well-being to all dogs of different life stages and health conditions. You will be asked to fill in a detailed questionnaire and provide photographs where necessary. I will create a bespoke herbal potion to any acute dis-ease as well as a basic therapeutic diet for a specific condition (therapeutic additions). Reviews recommended (from £25). Consultations can be online, by telephone or at the centre. Consultations last around one hour.

Bespoke Diets by Pawsomely Cooked £88-188


A bespoke recipe using the best tailored nutrition and your dog's favourite foods! The Natural Diet Plans can be designed raw or home-cooked. Recipes are created in batches for 7 days and come with required supplementation for the first batch, should this be necessary. We start by detailing your dog’s nutritional needs via a  consultation form; I ask for nutritional history, patterns of dis-ease (if any) and likes / dislikes. From this a recipe is created tailored to your dog’s bodyweight, age and activity level based on published research. 

Canine Nutrition Courses from £199- £699


Dog owners are wanting to take charge of their dogs health and canine nutrition is a popular topic at the moment. But do you know myth from truth? Is your dog getting all the nutrients it needs? Come and learn canine nutrition based on published data. Please enquire for more details.

Deep Rooted Dis-ease Consultation, from £120


6 weeks support. This a consultation for deep rooted, chronic disease where full communication is required throughout, serious cases. Healing must take place over a number of weeks and therefore it is designed to include communication when necessary (for six weeks). As with the dietary consultations, you will need to fill in a detailed questionnaire and provide me with photographs. I will create herbal potions and supplements to target the specific health condition. Comes with six weeks access to a confidential support group. For dogs with poor prognosis I work by time  to make my treatments accessible. Serious cases or experimental cases may receive reduced rates, please enquire. 

Pooch Potions Topical Herbals - bespoke, from £6


Welcome to Pooch Potions - a range of bespoke, handmade, organic herbal remedies for common canine complaints.

Pug Potions are simple, effective and versatile. Our creams, shampoos and rinses are great for itching, infections, cysts, mange, dry skin, fleas, hot spots. We also make herbal remedies as an alternative to conventional treatments for all types of dis-ease. We also make bespoke nutritional powders to support healing. 


Our topical potions have no added chemicals and are therefore safe to lick and perfect for the human too! Our internal potions are gentle, safe and effective. We have been told they smell divine but the credit must go to Neal’s Yard, as we use their oils in our potions. 

Please enquire as all potions are made to order and from as little as £10!

What happens in a consultation? 

  • We will begin by taking a case history to track dis-ease and find a root cause. We will discuss the build up of toxicity

  • Determine a goal - identify the main problem areas, treat the symptoms to reduce further damage and discuss therapy choices

  • Provide instruction - naturopathy, herbalism, purposeful  supplementation, therapeutic nutrition or energetics; which therapy will depend on the individual (and also the owner) 

  • Create a strategy / contingency should there be multiple healing strategies

  • Consolidate and facilitate self-learning throughout the 2 — 6 week period. During this time it is staged healing leading to a resolve of symptoms 

  • I will provide books/websites/workshops/background information at each stage

  • Follow-on appointments are recommended - either 6 weeks or 3 months


And, if you are still not sure, why not join our community group .A fun And informative support group with like-minded dog lovers and  naturopathy advice and tips for dog health. Please read the testimonials below for more information. 

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