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Workshops & Courses

Why not come and join in some activities during your stay or as a visitor at Leaf Retreat. Simply contact us to organise your activity or find out more!  

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Foraging and Herbal Classes

Come and forage for the day and make your goodies into useable items, including balms, botanical drinks and syrups! 


Crystal Healing Weekend Course.


A lovely course taken slowly across two days. You learn how to cleanse crystals, use them, tune-in. We spend some time learning how to harness energy and do chakra work. You leave with little gifts and a free angel intuitive reading. 


Piano Lessons / Composition Always longed to play your favourite tune? Why not learn while during your Leaf Retreat stay. Given I am a ex-music teacher I love to offer piano lessons, music theory, composition and examination tuition on request. £20p/hr


Creative Meditation Workshops for Children

Children are very sensitive to what happens around them and often struggle with their feelings. When things are going wrong children can become insecure or scared and act out their emotional pain - becoming aggressive, withdrawn or even depressed! Our Emotional Healing Workshops provide a safe, nurturing environment to deal with topics such as bullying, bereavement and separation by becoming grounded in a fun, intuitive & creative way. 


Pawsomely Cooked Cooking Class

This is a really super weekend. When you arrive you will learn about the science behind nutrition and then take part in a cooking class followed by feeding time. A complete diet is created and provided to you. You are given a shopping list before you arrive to buy the foods; it provides a great opportunity for questions and discussion during the cooking class. Learn how to feed to NRC's requirements. Refreshments supplied and guest accommodation is available for an immersive experience! 


Get Healthy with your Canine 

This is a lovely weekend where we discuss health, food processing and living naturally. One day is for yourself and one day for your furry friend. Maximum 2 people. You can choose topics from herbalism, nutrition, cooking classes, meditation. The idea it that by the end of the weekend you feel inspired by health, nutrition and wellbeing and have a great plan going forward. Cooking healthy food, seasonally and in tune with nature and what better, than to include your best friend; dog-friendly accommodation is available at an additional fee, for an immersive healing retreat! 


Canine Nutrition Course I am hoping to certify this course in the future and is very comprehensive. Long-term teaching available for everything Canine Nutrition.

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