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Workshops & Courses & Meets! 

Why not come and join in some activites during your stay or as a visitor to Leaf Retreat?

Please note dates are given until March and then we are closed for April. Courses will be continuing in May so please get in touch for future dates! Thank you and we look forward to meeting you either online or in person

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Health on a Plate 

Why not say goodbye to 2020 with a new nutritional you for 2021! Take control of your health and become excited about food; listen to inspiring talks, learn about the philosophy behind Nutritional Healing with practical easy tips, simple cupboard swaps and epic recipes!

A fully certified course with the Nutritional Healing Foundation! 

A total of 8 week, with one lesson each week, 2.5hours each week. Every Monday 2.00pm or 6.00pm. 15th Feb 2021. Please visit our Events page where you can book and see more details; please state which start date you would like. Sign up to become a Leaf Retreat member for 25% off. Full price £250


Leaf & Love Spiritual Healing Course

Learn all about Chakras, Crystals, Colour, Aromatherapy, Manifesting, Angel Guides, Affirmations, Meditation! 


A beautiful course for those who are spiritually minded amongst us. A four week course detailing all topics with practical exercises. Learn how to manifest with angel guides as well as learning affirmations and mediations to boost your emotional wellbeing and manifest your goals! Starting 6th Jan or 3rd Feb or 3rd March.Wednesday evenings, 6 - 8.30pm. Please state which date you would like to start when ordering. £400

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Get Healthy With Your Canine  

Come and visit for the weekend and have one day for yourself and one day for your furry friend. You will learn how to formulate diets for your dog and one the second day have a day for yourself, tailored help to your own health challenges. Includes Naturopathic Consultation Priced at £250 per person (with Doggie). Every 3rd Weekend, starting 16/17th Jan, 20th/21st  Feb, 20th/21st March. Please state which weekend you would like when booking. Accommodation is available at extra cost. Become a member for 25% discount 


Canine Nutrition School

Learn how to home cook and formulate 

amazing dinners for your furry friend! A four week course, 1 hour lesson every week. Every Tuesday either 2pm or 6pm. £125 Starting Become a member for 25% discount! For more information visit our events page where you can also book.

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Foraging and Herbal Class

Come and forage for the day and make your goodies into useable items, including balms, botanical drinks and syrups! Session lasts around 4 hours. Classes run from March - Sept. 1st Saturday of every month. 12-4pm. First class beginning 6th March. Priced at £45 per person. Become a member for 25% discount 


Chakra Workshop

A super condensed course involving crystals, colour, aromatherapy. This is a great way to dip your toe into energetic healing, perfect for beginners! You will get workbooks and able to borrow items from Leaf Retreat to get you started. A Very friendly and relaxed day. 9th Jan or 6th Feb or 13th March. 12pm - 6pm. Please state which dates you would like when ordering. £45


Naturopathic Day

Naturopathy is the understanding of nature and in combination with nutritional therapy and understanding the root mechanisms of body; an amazing and effective way of healing. It is an alternative perspective compared to our traditional form of allopathic medicine. A condensed version of HOAP. You will not be disappointed! 


A day course priced at £123 per person. You can choose to book our accommodation at extra cost and make a weekend of it! The first and second Sunday of every month. 3rd or10th Jan, 7th or 14th Feb, 7th or 14th March.

12 - 6pm. Become a member for a 25% discount on this booking. 


Beleafers! Alternative Community 

Join our alternative society on Facebook

in BeLeafers! A place for all things unusual, inspiring and alternative, covering all areas of the things we do at Leaf Retreat! A great way to keep in touch and share you pearls of wisdom and inspiration!


Leaf & Love Energetic Healing Course

Group A:  Chakras, Crystals, Colour and Aromatherapy. Group B: Manifesting, Angel Guides, Affirmations, Meditation! 


A great introduction for anyone that wants to develop their intuition and improve their emotional well-being; made simple for use in everyday life. Group A Tuesday 6 - 8.30pm Group B Friday 6 - 8.30pm. Courses run each week. Online or in person.  Please state which group you would like join when making payment and the date you would like to join £75


Childrens Meditation Workshop

Every 4th Saturday 12 - 6pm. Starting 23r Jan. Perfect for children suffering with anxiety. They learn to express their emotions through colour, art, meditation, singing bowls and crystals. Really fun all my guys love it! Complete with Elliot our Therapy Pug! £60


Leaf & Love Manifesting Meet

Have you ever had a strange experience you can’t put your finger on? Are you feeling tired and uninspired? Develop your intuition to find out the answers! ​Spirituality is hard to describe as everyone’s journey is just so different. What I can tell you though is that it is not a religion or ritual - it is a way of life with love, compassion and being present. The universe is a pretty special place when you are connected with nature. An informal meet 7-9pm each Thursday evening. Free of charge.  

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Get Healthy With Your Canine

Join our Pawsome Community on Facebook! Simply head to Get Healthy With Your Canine on FB. A place where you can learn about nutrition for both you and your furry friend. 

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