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Welcome to Leaf Retreat! A wellness and teaching centre, with on-site accommodation in Louth, the 'Capital of the Wolds'

Specialising  in nutritional therapy, herbalism, and energetics to support the body-mind; rooted in science and psychology, focused on nature and simple living!

Heal, learn, holiday, or take a break from the rat race, Leaf Retreat is the best of both worlds -  conveniently based in a Georgian market town and surrounded by an AONB. We also offer nature holidays in Italy, where you will find us hidden away in the foothills of the Alps, Piedmont, Biella! 

We are open to visitors Monday to Thursday, 11am - 9pm. By appointment, please ring or text 07506145183. 

Same day appointments are often available. 


For Canines, please visit: to access our second, successful, and admired business.

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