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A Perfect Balance - The Solstice and Eclipse 2020

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

This weekend is a time of perfect balance. We see light transform to darkness and darkness return to light. It is an opportunity to let go of our fears and darkness and at the same time bring in high vibrational energy under a rare eclipse and solstice. It feels very special because no matter what your beliefs, it is clear we are coming into a new age of awareness. As a society we are waking up and becoming aware; whilst many of us are still asleep, love and compassion is evolving.

There have been many prophecies and fables, those in the bible or Atlantis about the end of the world and us coming into an ‘Ascension’; they always warn of us what could happen when we lose our lack of resect for our environment, ourselves and others. You only have to go on Reuters to see photographs of polluted seas, nuclear spillages, war. Our wildlife is endangered our bees are dying through pesticide use and we are eating fake foods for the pleasure. We cut trees down because they block the sunlight or a road gets in the way, that poor living entity that is hundreds of years old. We cut down the grasses which support our ecosystem and instead we replace them with plastic grasses - where has our respect for nature gone? It is really simple life can’t go on like that. And its people? We are suffering, high statistics show we are suffering from depression and anxiety, crime and addictions are at the forefront of society; chronic dis-ease is on the rise as we have lost our ancient eating patterns of traditional, local, seasonal. We have lost our vitality.

In the time of darkness this weekend we can consider, feel and let go of the things we want less of in our word. To simply sit in nature and become aware. How do you affect our planet personally? Perhaps, living simply is our silver lining and our Earth will heal as Humanity evolves; we will revisit the ancient wisdoms of our land - where we lived vitally and in touch with our land.

I love and respect the essence of Taoism, Buddhism, Spirituality, Wicca and all religions and practices as really each teaches a lesson of love when interpreted without ego. 21/12/2012 was the popular year for Mayan scholars, the great end. Perhaps it was actually the great beginning, given that all endings are actually beginnings in many ancient teachings.

2012 was a ground breaking year for year for me; I guess I had always felt I was working towards something my whole life. I was born different, sure, but I liked being different; whilst my difference always stood out I always found a confidence in nature. I had spent my life in healing circles and looking for magic cures juxtaposed with my teaching career to pay the bills as a qualified music teacher. At some point I became fed up of fixing up the problems of a failing educational system and decided to enrol on an MA in music psychology and neuroscience bridging the gap between spirituality and science. This was in 2012. Observing the earth and its people through my work and passions I can see how much we have grown in awareness. Businesses in holistic or complimentary medicine have grown to a consumer market. Our collective consciousness is growing and it feels like we are finally entering a new way of life. But with change also comes pain.

Do you bring your Ego or Soul into the New World?

Consciousness - what a massive argument but panpsychism is beginning to emerge, a new train of thought in that we are all connected and resonate with the Earth. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could keep our vibrations high and positive for this special time over the Solstice. We are energetic beings. It may sound a little crazy but we do feel each others energy. For example, we have all experienced feeling wiped after a phone call to someone negative or a time when we just ‘know’ something will happen. Whilst panpsychism might seem way out to some, remember we did once thin the world was flat!

And what else is there unless we try to be positive and compassionate? Just ‘be’. Let’s start living how we want to, from the heart and focus on small changes. It is our mind we need to tame and learn to listen with our hearts.

Our ego and the monkey mind - like where do they fit in? We are numbed by fear in the media. We are controlled, we live in a toxic world, political warfare on every scene and paying in to our own charity. But these are factors we have control over, we need to be proactive in order to create change and become less tolerate of the situations we do not agree with, rather than just being placid. We can make choices to avoid the news and negativity. We can make more of an effort to do something productive.

In terms of our environment the fish analogy is a classic but just so true. Do you change the water in the fish tank if you have a poorly fish and clean the environment or do you keep pouring in medicine and hope for a healing? If we each made a choice to purify our waters, grow or eat organic crops and as consumers demand better animal welfare, stop cutting trees down and building around them. What if we start trading skills and sharing knowledge, make vegetable beds and share them with our neighbours. Doesn’t that sound like a magical world? Let’s stop being numb and take action. Covid-19 has shown us that we can do just that. Suffering makes us step up and create change, tragic but it does serve a purpose and the best way to honour pain is through positive change.

For the spiritual minded amongst us, we perhaps believe that we chose to be here at this time and that is why I feel I should share my experiences and do my bit to raise our vibrations. Let us use this time of ascension to help carve a new society.

Metaphysical writers suggest we are moving from the Piscean Age to the Aquarius Age or others say moving from the 3D to the 5D. Essentially, it is a way of thinking and being. Moving from a lack of awareness to awareness - either way and without a label it is a time of liberation. I like to think if it as a change in resonance - like moving to a different coloured room maybe - its the same room but feels different, it holds different energy. In the 3D we lived without awareness, in 5D we become aware. In the 3D lifestyle we have entertained without thinking, lived the ‘daily dream’, worked without question, thought without thinking critically. Without critical thinking we remain sheep to the power of others.

A society that thinks critically is a dangerous society to those that keep us prisoners in our world. Critical thinking demands change. Are we not so often subjected to fear, violence, sickness, war, pain in the media. If your thoughts create what goes on around us why does the media portray scarcity? For distraction.The 3D world bears ego, possessions, creating divides, being selfish. We like to create labels in society but do labels really benefit us or do they pave the way for genocide? Think of all the lives that could have been saved if we did label ourselves. We are stronger when we are connected and have common goals, despite being different and being individuals with different values.

In the time of 5D we are not ruled with our mind, we are ruled by our heart; it is when we work from the heart than we create change. 5D brings unity, co-operation and a respect for being different cultures, individuals, creative expression, different values. It is what makes our world unique. Whilst in the 3D Love usually comes with conditions, I have found that out the hard way after forty short years on the planet we do not need to continue our old patterns. Many of us judge each other, we speak for each other, we let each other down. We fall out with someone because they don’t hold the same opinion. Love shouldn’t come with condition. In the 5D we come with unconditional love. A decision can always be made by the mind or the heart. Our thoughts create our reality. If you are having a bad day analyse your thoughts, you might find you created your day, even if it is a bitter pill to swallow.

As children we are free of conditioning, we can learn lessons from them. Ancestral traits are passed down from our teenage years, we presume what we learn is truth. But perhaps you should be living a different truth. In the 3D unresolved issues come to the surface and make us question things that do not agree with our new alignment, leading to confusion. And why we shouldn’t judge. Who knows what that person is going through. We just need to learn to respond rather than react.

Those Lightworkers amongst us that chose to be here to guide others into our new era are helping to lay a foundation for what is to come. It is tough. Many of us are feeling the pressure. We are like bees going around the world trying to clean up and remove negativity but uncertainty is a necessary for awakening those on our planet. It is our ego that doesn’t like change, but that is an old 3D way of thinking. We meet resistance for those that don’t want to create a new world or who are happy to stay in their bubble. Freewill allows those members of society to remain asleep. Rather than getting upset or angry with those that don’t see life as we do, simply send them love and continue to reach for your own light. It is important to stay in the now. So for this weekend why not try and remain in the now, be positive, stop negative thoughts and transform them.

The solstice invites us to examine our shadow self; to visit our ancestral behaviours and patterns. We don’t have to carry the burden of our ancestral patterns of lack, fear and pain. This is a perfect opportunity when we see the darkness transform. We let go of our pain and when the sun rises we bring in positive thoughts. We can rise with love, happiness or continue more of the same.

It is important to set positive intention on the 20th - 21st June and set the earth in high vibration. Opposing energies, masculine, feminine, earth and the moon are all in perfect balance. Magical. We have four planets in retrograde currently, it allows us to be with our shadow-self so really feel your trials and then let them go. And then it is time to Ascend in the morning. Root your new beliefs in the solstice.

During this time you could:

Try spending some time thinking about your priorities. What are your goals and visions, it is important that we have a map in life and learn to replace those inherited beliefs that we hold. Let go during the darkness of the night and then in the morning get ready to bring in all those positive affirmations you have made. On eclipses the magnetic field lowers making manifesting easier we all need to set intentions we want to see in the world and in our own lives. Make a note of the things you would like to bring into your life.

Make a mental note this weekend to remain high energy - no arguments, just keep quiet and assess the situation and see what you can learn from the situation. Fill your mind full of positive spiritual practices, take care of yourself and remain in high energy, no arguments or you bring argument into the future. Worries should go into a box for 3 days and you can spend time in nature in a happy state!

Take care to do something nice for yourself. Either drink more water, light some incense, drink some flaxseed tea, have a salt bath, play singing bowls, do an angel meditation, create some affirmations, deep breathe, go for an earthing walk, help a neighbour or simply send out love to those you care about. And finally, say well done, to yourself. This has been such a stressful time and each had to face challenges no matter how small or insignificant it seems to another.

What is happening in the world last happened in 1982 and won’t happen again for another 16 years. I wonder what the world will be like if we get the chance to see another duality? As we incarnate slowly and work towards an amazing future I wish you many blessings of both coming into 2121. Namaste (my soul speaks to your soul).

Heal, let-go, be free and bring in the new! Have a lovely solstice everyone!

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